Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome, Hayden!!!

I know that this isn't really my news to share, but I just got the call...

Hayden John Tyler Jackson
3:05 p.m. (that's the time his great grandma thought he was born)

I'll leave the rest of the details to Sandy to tell.

Congratulations Sandy, David and Erin!!!
I can't wait to meet him!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Dynamics

A week or so ago Sandy wrote a post about how her family has changed. Today, my sister and I had a similar conversation about our family. So, I thought I'd post part of an email that covers some of my thoughts on the matter.
I read your blog post about things not being
the same as you remember them. It's crazy, isn't it? I think that's
what happens when you become an adult. I've been thinking about your post
and how true that is for my family too and I'm wondering if that's the "loss of
innocence" they talk about...or at least one facet of it. I don't know
about you, but when I look back at growing up, I usually remember the good
parts, the feelings of belonging and being part of something important and
big. And now I look at it and just see the brokenness and lonelyness and
wish that it could go back to the way it was. Maybe things really were
like that...warm and cozy. Maybe they weren't. Maybe it's because we
now realize the responsibilities our parents and grandparents had to take on to
make life like that for us. Maybe it's because times have changed.
Or maybe this happens to everyone as they grow up...even as far back as our
great great grandparents. Who knows. All I know is that I still long
for that feeling of belonging and wish that family was as close as I
remember us all being. But, I do think that the thing that
causes change is that some of that "glue" that held our families
together...our grandparents, our aunts, our great aunts, whoever...have
passed on and taken the memories and the strength with them. But,
perhaps it's just the passing of a torch from one family member to the
next. Now it's our turn to make that feeling of belonging for others in
our family, our turn to remember the memories and pass them on, our turn to
insist on traditions that will hold our family together. Somebody
wrote a comment about not being able to go back home. I think
you can go back home. But, we just have to remember that, just as we grew
when we moved away from home, our families grew when we moved away too.
Although I have a hard time digesting that.
I'm still trying to figure out my role in my family
now that I'm an adult. And in some ways, I don't think that some of my
family views me as an adult. I often still feel like I'm being treated
like a 12 year old by some people. And I don't know how to handle

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They Really Like Me!!

I think I said this in another post... I'm trying to focus on the positives of my job. There are so many things that I don't like, that I need to find the good things.

Well, yesterday and today were good days at work. I've been reaffirmed as to why I like to work with kids... Yesterday and today were some of the first days that I've seen "my kids" this year. I've been busy doing paperwork and setting up my therapy schedule. So, the best part of my job is seeing the kids faces either in the hall or when I show up at the door for the first time during the school year. They light up! I've had several students see me in the hall and make a point of asking "when can I come to speech?" or "when can I come and see you?". Teachers have told me that their students had been asking when speech was going to start. One student even did the little "yes!" hand-pump when I knocked on her classroom door and asked her teacher if I could see her. That made my whole day!!

This is why I like working with kids...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Turning 27 was much better than turning 26! Even though I spent it at work...all day (tonight was parent night, so all the teachers had to be there...happy birthday to me), this years birthday was much better than last years. I'm not sure why, but I'm feeling good about turing this age.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baseball and Western TV shows...These are a few of my favorite things!!!

My parents and one sister were down at my place this past weekend. It was nice, but I always hate to see them leave and it takes me a couple days to adjust back to the normal routine of living alone. I go through the same thing when I go home (to my parents) and then have to come back to my place. It just seems so empty.
Anyway, we had a nice time. My dad went to a woodworking store and a seed store, so he seemed happy. My mom was able to get into my apartment and kept remarking that she really liked my place. She's trying to convince my dad to come back at the end of October...I think she'll win him over to the idea. My sister, Karen, is such a good person. She is always willing to help me out. It seems like she is always helping me to either pack or unpack boxes since I've moved so many times. But she never complains, only asks what else she can do to help. I'm so blessed to have her as my sister and blessed that we are best friends.
We also celebrated my birthday a few days early. My parents bought me a grill! My dad and I put that together on Sunday and it was actually easier to put together than I thought it would be. They also bought me the 3rd season of Little House on the Prairie! I love Little House on the Prairie!!!! have no idea! If I could only go back in time, I'd go back to that time in history. My sister bought me gift cards to Starbucks and iTunes and a Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt. To be more exact, it's a PNC Park t-shirt! I love baseball and the Pittsburgh Pirates...probably with the same ferocity that I love Little House on the Prairie, maybe even more! mom made me Oh Henry Bars... These things are amazing...much better than any typical birthday cake! I'm not talking about the candy bar. This is Rice Krispies mixed with hot sugar and corn syrup and peanut butter. Pour that in a pan and let is set. Then heat chocolate bits in the microwave and pour that on top of the rice krispie mixture. It's heaven!! Anyway, Karen found Pittsburgh Pirate batting helmet candles at a party store and put those on the Oh Henry Bars! How perfect...chocolate, peanut butter and the Pirates!! It was an awesome birthday a few days early!
But, now it's back to the normal work week and all the joys that that brings.........