Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All Will Be Right In My World

Later this evening, all will be right in my world.
For the past 10 years or so, there has been something that has been off about my summers. The fireflies weren't as bright, the appeal of summer hasn't been there for me, and time just seemed to pass like any other day.
Why? Why have I not had amazing summers for the past 10 years? Oh, there have been plenty of great summers. Nice weather, great trips, ocean fun. But, it just hasn't been the same.
But tonight, tonight, all will finally be set right. My summer world will be placed firmly back on its axis.
Why and how, you ask??
Tonight, the missing piece, the missing person from my summers will be back in her rightful place! And the heavens will rejoice!

For as long as I can remember, the start of summer, for me, was always signaled by the arrival of twins from Oklahoma. It always happened around the end of May. My family would know when our neighbors, Lou and Dale and their son Johnny would leave for Oklahoma. That's when the waiting would begin. We would know when they were leaving and how long they planned to be gone. Around the expected date, I would always try to be outside after school. I would watch the road and my neighbors house, not knowing if the truck would come up the road or down the road. Then the day would finally come. The truck would come past and either honk the horn or sometimes they didn't have to because the sounds of girls in the back of the truck was enough to alert me that summer was offically here. Sandy and Brandy had arrived! Then it was the waiting for a phone call to be invited up or for them to come walking down the road! That's when summer began! And, boy, did it ever begin. Nights at the Big House, hanging out watching movies at Lou and Dale's, being invited to stay for dinner with Lou's cooking (I remember mac and cheese for some reason), catching fireflies, playing that game with the two ropes that you pull apart and the thing in the middle, bible school, playing in the park, birthday parties at the Big House, eating watermelon that had been chilled in the creek at the Big House, swimming in the pool at the trailer, Teen Time, Church Camp. I have so many memories and could probably go on forever...
Then, the beginning of August would roll around and it was time for them to pack up the truck again and time to say good by until next May. Summer was over and my friends were leaving town. But, I always had next May to look forward to.

Then we all grew up and went different ways. They didn't come in the summers any more. We went to college, got married, had kids, moved to different parts of the country. Summer was never the same.
Until last summer when one half of the duo came in July! It was the same anticipation! Waiting to see their car up the road. And sure enough, didn't I get a call from her aunt the second they pulled in the driveway at Lou and Dale's house. And this time, Sandy decided to stay full time!
And so, today, I sit with the same anticipation that I remember having for all those summers of my childhood. Brandy is coming tonight! I feel like I'm 10 years old again, waiting for the call that she's here, half ready to ask my mom if I can go play with Sandy and Brandy. (Don't worry, I don't have to ask anymore...I have my own car and I just tell her that I'm going to play ;)).

Tonight, all will be right with the world because two of the greatest people from my childhood, and life for that matter, will be here as a cohesive unit. All is right in the world. Now we just have to convince her to stay ;)